Our Fees

An Overview of Our Fee Structure.
The 356 Consulting fees are based on the time and expenses involved in completing a specific project. The customer must receive value for the fees he pays and therefore, a very competitive fee schedule was developed.
Essentially, the cost to assist buyers or sellers is 3 to 5 percent of the final price of the car, plus travel expenses and miscellaneous advertising costs. The fees for other consulting services are based on an hourly schedule, $350.00 per day, for approximately 8 eight hours, or $50.00 per hour for a partial day. It has been clearly demonstrated that our fees will be more than offset by the additional mark up the seller receives or by the reduced price the buyer will pay for the car.
Each consulting assignment will be designed and tailored to meet the requirements of the client in the most cost effective way. For example, for a simple marketing plan to sell an inexpensive 356 coupe where the owner handles the inquires, could cost as little as $350.00.
The estimated fees will be quoted after the scope of the project has been defined and before work has commenced.