Pricing & Marketing Your Porsche 356…
The most important decisions that a Seller can make.
We understand that selling your 356 can be a very important process. It is critical that you receive the best price and the most effective exposure for your 356.
That’s why we’ve developed a full range of integrated marketing programs for sellers. Our goal is to assure that you receive the maximum exposure for your car, using effective and proven advertising methods, to reach 356 buyers.
We offer the following services for Sellers:
Our “Pre-Marketing” Inspection Services:
As with any unique property or asset, the value of your car must be determined early-on, before it is presented to the marketplace. We offer our Seller clients a comprehensive, on-site inspection and evaluation of their vehicle to determine its market value. Our process includes an extensive inspection of the car that fully documents its condition and equipment. This is accomplished using written documentation and a series of detailed photographs.
For “Do-It-Yourself” Sellers:
We provide a full range of marketing services for those who choose to “sell it themselves”. We can tailor a web-based marketing and advertising campaign that is suited to your budget.
Seller’s Representation:
As your exclusive agent, we will handle all aspects of your marketing, advertising, buyer inquiries, and negotiation process. You will make all of the final decisions about the sale price.